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We love empowering people :) 


Whether you're running a business in the music industry, managing a team or navigating your own career, if you need Recruitment, People Development, People & Culture or Future Talent advice, give us a shout, we love a chat. 


We love chatting so much that we started our very own podcast in 2020, so don't forget to check out the BIYPOD for hints tips and a sprinkling of inspiration!


Think of BIY like your big sister...we'll tell you how it is :) 


We want to help you get your foot in the door of that first elusive music business job (keep in touch once you're in yeah?), so listen to our advice, and your inner entrepreneur

(or admin guru!) and we'll get there together.

Keep up to date with news, events, hints, tips and opportunities on our socials to make sure you don't miss a thing!  


You can contact us via email on but seeing as it's only Silv working on the recruitment and people development side of things at BIY, and she can't always reply to every message (she needs to eat and sleep as well y'know), we've created some content for all of you who are just starting out to help you in the meantime :) 

So check out the videos below for some hints and tips!

When you're applying for a job don't forget the bigger picture!

When you're starting out create your own experience :)

Update your admin and digital skills...

Creating your music business CV.

Music business CV essentials :)

Interview hints and tips!

Job specs and cover letters...

Be knowledgeable and engaged :)

Build your network...

Be yourself, there's only one of you in the process :)

Entry level basics!

What it's really like working in the music business.

And finally, if you want to work in A&R...

Believe it Yourself.

Build it Yourself.

Be it Yourself.

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